On Monday July 12, 2010 I began my day at 3:00 AM with a 20 minute cab ride from Bakirköy to Sultanahmet in order to create binaural and stereo recordings of the Islamic call to Prayer from Sultanahmet mosque (Blue Mosque).

If you use headphones or earbuds to listen to these recordings, you will enjoy more of the spacial quality of these binaural recordings. The binaural recording allows for an experience that, with closed eyes and a little imagination, can transport the listener to Sultanahmet mosque in the heart of historic Istanbul.


Ezan at Sultanahmet, İstanbul



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İmsak is the pre-dawn ezan.


Öğle is the noon or midday ezan.


Ikindi  is heard in late afternoon.


Akşam is the evening call to prayer.


Yatsi  is the night ezan.


Sultanahmet Square at 4AM